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Three in a row

Today we got our third snow storm in five days! And I think this is the worst of the three…. Andrea and Annette had to go home at around three, when the storm had just started, so they could make it home before the really bad weather hit. Me and Fiona, who both live downtown, could stay a bit longer and fill orders. But at 4.30 we had to give up, or we would’ve had to stay over night! When we got out we noticed that we were the last shop still open! The thing is that it doesn’t look so bad from our shop, because we are a little sheltered on Water Street, but when you turn up around the corner… oh boy! Was it ever windy! And the sharp little ice pellets called snow hits your face with such brute force it feels like it would fall off! Brrrr…. Now I will go smother my whole face with Buddha Eye Cream, to treat it from the blasting treatment it got from walking home! 🙂


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