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‘Tis better to give AND receive…cupcakes!

Hello Everyone!

Our dear darling Anna is out on maternity leave so I, Lesley, will be filling in for her on the blog. Being a bit of an internet dork I can promise you I am all too pleased to do it! I will hopefully do her proud.

As I’m sure many of you have seen on the website, we have a special Blueberry Basil cupcake for Marguerite’s Place where we donate half the proceeds of each cupcake towards their project for developing safe housing for women in St. John’s. We consider ourselves very lucky to contribute to this worthy cause and we happily have been asked to join them for their new “Get Baked! Art for your Sweet Tooth!” fundraiser. The kicker? The fundraiser is based around cupcakes! I honestly couldn’t think of a better theme.

The fundraiser will run from Feburary 5th to the 7th and there is an article about the event here from the Evening Telegram. We hope you all come down to buy a cupcake (real ones, knitted ones or soap ones!) and help support this great cause!


P.S. I would like to thank all of our customers that helped us raise money for the Haiti Relief fund. It was much appreciated.

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