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Makeup Monday – How I love post-its! :)

Since I don’t have a steady hand at all, a little help is always welcome! I tried the “post-it trick” earlier when trying out the flicked eyeliner, and I thought it could come in handy again. Today I am using two purples, Come By Chance and The Big Bop.

Come By Chance is a new colour that is a light dusty purple. More muted and grey than Forget Me Not, but not as grey as Dovekie. A nice step in between the two. Look for it on the website on Tuesday, March 29th. The Big Bop is a matte intense blue-ish purple, one of the new shades in the Queen Street collection.

I started out with applying the trusted old post-it, from the corner of my eye to the corner of my eyebrow. Then I applied Come By Chance all over my lid and up towards, but not quite all the way up to, my eyebrow.

Then I applied The Big Bop on the outer corner of my eye, like so:

Intense! But now I start smudging. Smudge the edges and smudge it into the crease (pardon the blurry pic!)

Remove the post it, apply mascara and you’re done! Easy peasy! (and please excuse my tired eyes… we are trying to night-wean a little missy right now, and tired doesn’t begin to describe how I feel right now! 🙂


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Makeup Tuesday!

Due to some unexpected sleep problems (teething baby) and a sudden realization that I had lent out our camera to a friend, Makeup Monday turned into Makeup Tuesday! So sorry about that!

This week I wanted to show you my two favorite lipsticks, and this way pre-launch the lipsticks! Yay!

The first one is a super flattering warm red. It is called Sally’s Cove and here you can see it on me:

And this is how the lipstick looks:

The second one is called Raspberry and it is that PERFECT shade of pink that brightens up your whole face! I love it!

And this is how the lipstick looks:

So skip and jump over to the website, because this week you can grab my favorites for 30% off the regular price! Hurray lipsticks! Lipsticks hurray!

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

The Fabulous Friday deal this week is on all things green, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little extra! 🙂 So we have marked down all green products on our site with 20%! But they are scattered throughout the site, so you have to hunt them down! 😉

I thought I should highlight the winning review that I pick out every week. Every friday I select a review from the ones posted during the week, and that person gets 150 points added to their account (worth $15 in products). This week it was a review from Robyn H on our Sweet Cream Whipped Sugar, and here is what she wrote about it:

Okay, let me just put it out there that I’ve used about a million different scrubs. This one stands out in my mind as one that is different from the ones you get from other etailers for two reasons:

1) this particular scent is beautiful, clean, and light and I’ve never found anything quite like it elsewhere and 2) This is a very nice scrubby scrub that gently moisturizes by actually turning into a lotion (again, I’ve seen only one other scrub that did this and it was much more expensive than this) rather than just leaving a greasy film on your skin (this scrub most certainly does not do that).

Once its rinsed off, it is gone and your skin is left feeling softer and lightly moisturized but not even remotely close to greasy. It’s very difficult to describe, really, and if you like scrubs I’d recommend you try one. I think this is one that most people will like.

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Makeup Monday – Changeling Butterfly

Happy Monday one and all!

Today Klara decided that a very short nap was all she needed, so I better post this quickly before she decides she had enough of playing alone 🙂

Again it is my cousin Sannah who is behind this makeup look, and I will just let her describe what she did! Take it away Sannah!

For this look you need to be in a butterfly mood. Use a slightly wet brush. First put “Changeling” over the eyelid and smudge all edges. Put some of it along you lower lash line to frame your eye. After that apply “Little Heart’s Ease” in the corner of your eyes and smudge it towards the outer corner of your eyelid, although don’t go all the way there, stop at halfway. Now it’s time for the dots! Simply use a wet eyeliner brush, dip it in Coal Shute, and make dots in your prefered size. It’s a good way to go not to make them all the same size. Now you’re a happy butterfly so flap your wings and fly away. 🙂


Little Heart’s Ease

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Light and sparkly, on top of dark!

Happy Monday one and all! I hope your weekends was fabulous!

This Monday I will share another look that was made by my talented cousin Sannah! When I saw this, it opened up a whole new world of combinations for me! I hope it will do the same for you! She uses a very sparkly and light colour on top of a matte and dark. In this case it is Biver on top of Coal Shute. But you can of course try anything… Golden Bay on top of In the Navy, The Magic Pony on top of Bog, Winterton on top of Puffin. There is no end of the possibilities!

Here is how Sannah did it:

Start off with Coal Shute on your whole eyelid and along the lower lash line. Smudge all the edges and soften up the shadow outline.

After that, apply Biver on the inner corner of your eye and work your way out over the lid. Don’t apply it all the way to the outer corner, simply stop around halfway there. Finish the whole thing with a good mascara!

–> Click here to get the eyeshadows used in this look! <–

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Fabulous Friday – Pure Wisdom

Happy Friday! For Fabulous Friday this week I have chosen a product I have been using daily for the past couple of weeks: Incantation Pure Wisdom




I love Pure Wisdom because you can use it so many different ways. A couple of drops in your cleanser, in your face mask, a drop in your moisturizer, 2-3 drops in the sink in hot water (as a steam bath or to wring out your wash cloth in) or directly on your wash cloth. And I also love it because it smells so good… The blend is composed of the following essential oils:

Rose geranium – Astringent and also an anti-depressant
Lavender – Healing and restorative
Rosewood – Calming, antiseptic and restores elasticity
Rose – Calming, healing and relieves stress

My favorite way to use it at the moment is like Kathy B suggests in the review she wrote, with the Deep Cleansing Oil. I just add a drop to about a teaspoon of Cleansing Oil, rub my palms together and first put them over my nose to inhale the aroma. Then I massage it into my skin, and finally wipe it off with a wash cloth.

Erica, our manager, told me a little while ago that she blended the Cucumber Aloe Face Mask with the Cleansing Milk and a drop of Pure Wisdom. It sounds like a piece of heaven to me! I think I will try that tonight! 🙂

If you want to try the Pure Wisdom (or stock up if it’s already a favorite), this is the time to do it! This weekend you will get 25% off! Find it here.

If you have a favourite product you want to share with the rest of our Tvål family, email me a little write up about it (why you like it, how you use it, etc). If I choose your write up for a Fabulous Friday newsletter, I will send you a $30 gift certificate to use online or in one of our shops. Send your letter to:

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Winged eyeliner

Earlier this week Marsha mentioned, in a comment, that she finds it tricky to apply an eyeliner with a flick like the one my talented cousin had done in the Makeup Monday tutorial. I find this very hard too, and decided to see if I could find a good tutorial on how to do it! I love the look of a winged eyeliner, mascara and not much more. It’s very Mad Men, isn’t it?!
I found a great video tutorial at Faces by Amy, and it has a great trick to it!! She uses a post-it as a guide for the line, and it works remarkably well! Click here to see the video.

So of course I had to try it while Klara was napping today! I added a post-it to the corner of my eye, lining it up between the corner of the eye and the end of the eyebrow. Like so:

Then I picked up my angled eyeliner brush, sprayed it with Miss Fix-It and dipped it in “Coal Shute” eyeshadow (a matte black). I started at the middle of the upper lash line and dotted my way out to the outer corner. Then I followed the post-it about half way up. After that I filled in the area between the end of the eyeliner and the outer corner of my eye, making a triangle almost (I had a little bit of a curve to the line). This will make a lot more sense if you look at the video, but I have tried to illustrate it in photoshop:

And then I finished the liner by going along the lash line from the middle of the eye to the inner corner. Take off the post-it (important step! Otherwise you look a little foolish!) and you’re done! It took me, a makeup illiterate, not even a minute to do one eye. I love it!! Now I can channel my inner Joan as often as I wish!

Next time I’m going to make it even longer! Once the post-it is gone, it looks a lot less “dramatic”. Try it and let me know how it worked for you! 🙂

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