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Holiday Inspiration

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? It is a fantastic place to collect and share things you find online, and to see what others have been pinning on their boards. It is slightly addictive! Recently I have collected things to inspire me for the Holidays, and I thought I could share some of them with you.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

I love this idea! You poke holes in a blank canvas and push through the light bulbs from a string light. So simple and so super cute!


Source: via Anna on Pinterest

And this is a wreath you can DIY with paper doilies and Christmas lights. A bit more work than the canvas above, but super cute! I don’t think I will have time to make it this year, but maybe next year?


Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Aren’t these the cutest favor boxes ever?! You make them yourself with some clip-art from Martha Stewart and empty toilet paper rolls!


If you join pinterest you can follow me if you wish. It usually takes a couple of days to get “approved” (they go through all applications themselves, to avoid spammers I assume). I have four invites left, and I think that is faster than signing up on your own, so leave a message here if you want me to send you an invite 🙂


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Makeup Monday – Christmas Lips!

This week I thought I would show you the perfect lipstick for the Holidays! It is such a perfect red that flatters everyone: Pirate!

I find that applying a lipstick is the quickest way to feel “made up”. I only need to add mascara and then I’m ready to go! Perfect when you have about 17 seconds to get ready in the morning 🙂

You can pick up your own Pirate Lipstick –>HERE<–
And for you my dear reader, use this code: PIRATE for 20% off!! Valid throughout this week (until Monday Dec 5th)

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…and I’m back!

Ok, I know one thing for sure! I don’t want to renovate and sell a house, pack up all my belongings to ship on a boat, and move across the Atlantic anytime again soon. This summer and fall has been exhausting. But now we’re here (in Sweden), with the cats, and we can finally draw a big sigh of relief.

As I left the shop after visiting the girls the week before last, there were a lot of images from the years past floating through my mind… It is very hard to leave your baby (the shop, not Klara!!), but I know I will be back to visit all the time and I know the shop is in good hands. Besides, I will be doing the exact same thing as I have been doing the past two years.. namely think up new products, work on the website and keep in touch with you, my dear reader. It’s just that my most frequent visits will be through Skype rather than take a walk downtown with Klara in the stroller. Sigh… I will miss St. John’s though!

A few people wondered why I moved, and some were concerned about the future of Tval. Our future is brighter than ever, and the move was only a personal decision. I had lived in Newfoundland for 8 years, and I really missed my family. Another thing that helped us decide was the real estate market in St. John’s, it had gone the opposite way from the rest of the world… up, up and up, which allowed us to pay off our house here in Sweden and be mortgage free decades sooner than we had hoped. So here we are… with a new house to renovate on the countryside of Sweden. I will probably blog a little bit about that too 🙂

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Makeup Tuesday – Pretty in Pink

For this soft and pure makeup look, I first used Snowberry as a color wash all over Sara’s eye, from her lash line up to the brow, making the color slightly more intense on the actual eyelid. Then I used trussle as a very light smudgy liner on the bottom, and also a very small dab smudged into her lash line on the top. Like I have said before, it is a good idea to ‘ground’ a pink or a red eyeshadow (especially for blue eyes) with a bit of brown so that the eyes don’t look ‘sore’. It was actually amazing to see the difference it made when I applied the Trussle.
Next I applied my usual dab of Winterton on the inner corner of Sara’s eyes, top and bottom, to brighten them. I call it the ‘caffinated’ look! We finished her eyes with a light coat of black mascara.
On Sara’s cheeks I used My Ducky blush, focusing on the apples, or the roundest part of her beautiful cheekbones. I also used a bit of Pink Snowflakes on top of the My Ducky to create more dewiness. Overall, I tried to create the same effect as if she had just come in from outside on a brisk, windy day. Healthy, rosy cheeks! I am quite happy with how this turned out! Finally. on Sara’s lips I used Cupids lipgloss. Since the eye makup is so soft, I wanted a bit more focus on her lips.
And here you can find all the products we used for this look!

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