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Makeup Monday – Soft browns

This week I will show you a look that Isabelle did on a friend a little while back. These colours would flatter anyone!

She used the colours Birch Beer, Doe and Blassy Boughs (you can see them swatched in that order below).

Start off with the matte Blassy Boughs on your eyelid. Apply Doe in the crease and under the eye and finish off with Birch Beer under the eyebrow. Easy peasy and so pretty! 🙂

Pop on over to our website to pick up these essentials for yourself! 🙂


And now, the contest!! Winner from last week is…. *drumroll*… number 3! Mylene! Thank you and congratulations Mylene!! Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win all three eyeshadows used in this look! Good luck and let me know if you have found a favorite combo! 🙂



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I <3 Ruche

One of my favorite online boutiques is Ruche, “A modern boutique with a vintage touch” is how they describe themselves. They are worth checking out for their lookbooks alone. The photography is just amazing. I need more clothes like I need another month of rain, drizzle and fog, but I just couldn’t resist this:

Mustard yellow pants!! In corduroy!! I got the cardigan too, and a blue top. Squeeee!

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Fabulous Friday – Pure Naturals Lavender Butter Soap

This Friday I wanted to feature my new favorite soap! While I love new, exciting and fun scent combinations there is also something really special about a classic, natural lavender soap. It’s the soap version of Earl Gray tea for me, I may stray and try new things but it’s the one I always go back to, the one I never get tired of.

Our Pure Naturals soaps are olive oil soaps, so they are super moisturizing! We make these soaps with olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and castor oil. At the stage that is called “trace”, when the soap mixture has started to thicken up, we add a generous amount of the Pure Naturals whipped butters. When the oils or butters are added at this stage, a higher portion of them will remain unsaponified. Or in other words, the whipped soy butters will remain in the soap and they will make the soap feel super luxurious.

The Lavender Butter Soap is my current favorite because of the light delicate lavender scent (from essential oils of course). It is so soothing and calming… even if I quickly jump into the tub to get a few minutes before Klara decides to join me and splash water everywhere, the scent swoops me away and I feel like I’m in a completely serene place. Even if it’s just for a minute or two 🙂

Oh, and you HAVE to try this! Apply the Chocolate Hair Mask and Chocolate Face Mask, and relax in the tub with the Lavender Butter Soap. The combination of chocolate and lavender is AMAZING (it inspired the latest cake soap; Chocolate Lavender).


This weekend you will get 25% off the Pure Naturals Lavender Butter Soap, so it’s the perfect time to try it (or stock up). Click here to get to start shopping!

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Winner and new contest

I completely forgot to draw a winner from last week and announce the new contest yesterday! To quote little Klara: Ooopsie Daisy (her new favorite words)

The winner from last week, according to, was post number 13. Congratulations Helena Sanhueza!! 🙂

And don’t forget to post a comment on the Rain Drizzle and Fog look from yesterday for your chance to win Rain, Drizzle and Fog eyeshadows. A winner will be picked next Monday.

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Makeup Monday – Rain, Drizzle and Fog

Today is an amazingly gorgeous day here in St. John’s, but let me fill you in on some stats… Sunny days in June: 6 (but the temperature was mostly single digits or low 10s, celsius that is), sunny days in July: 4, sunny days so far in August: 3. Most of this summer has had RDF… rain, drizzle and fog. E V E R Y single day.

So, instead of fighting it, let’s embrace it! We live in Newfoundland after all. So the makeup monday this week will be with the eyeshadows Rain, Drizzle and Fog. Let me introduce them:

Rain is a dark gray with blue shimmer. Intense like a storm cloud.
Drizzle is a medium gray with aqua and silver shimmer.
Fog is a light gray with highlights of pink and gold. It’s really, really pretty.

Later today we have promised to take Klara to a strawberry u-pick, and I didn’t want to show up there in a full smokey look. So I decided to apply the eyeshadows on my upper lid only and work with the darker shade to create a wing, or “cat eye” look.  Here is what it looks like (in the sun and in the shade):

I applied Fog all over the eyelid. Then I applied Drizzle in the crease, concentrating on the outer part and trying to form a wing shape (wider, and upward, on the outer part of the eye). Last I applied Rain in a triangle shape on the outer corner of the eye, working it upwards towards the eyebrow. I used a clean crease brush to blend all edges and applied a black mascara.

Click here to pick up these shadows for yourself, or keep your eyes open for a new set coming soon with Rain, Drizzle, Fog and two lip products, for 20% off! 🙂

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Makeup Monday – Magic ponies, sea anemones and partridgeberries

Now then… doesn’t that sound like an interesting combo? 🙂 Today I wanted to use Partrigeberry as an eyeliner and was looking at my other shades… the green in Magic Pony looked like a good match. And that reminded me of the makeup Melissa wore one day: Magic Pony and Sea Anemone, so I decided to add Sea Anemone to the mix!

Here is how I did it

Apply Magic Pony all over the eye lid and into the inner corner (a light sparkly colour on the inner corner will make your eyes twinkle) and then Sea Anemone in the crease. Blend, blend, blend. Then I dipped the eye liner brush in water and then in the Partridgeberry eyeshadow, mixed them together in the lid and applied along the upper eye lashes, with a little flick on the side. That’s all there is to it!

You can pop on over to our website to pick up these shades and try it yourself! And don’t forget to leave a comment here. One post will be randomly selected next week, and the winner will get ALL three eyeshadows! Hurray!! Last week there was only two posts, so make sure you join in on the fun 🙂



And the winner from last week is: Erica! Yay!

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Makeup Monday, but on a Tuesday – Two tones

Klara had a visit from her Aunt Michelle yesterday, who hasn’t been here for a visit since Klara was 2 months old, so we spent the day with her. Aunt Michelle taught Klara many new tricks.. one of them was throwing her crayons up in the air and say “Mess! A mess!!”. She looooved that! I have a little video of it, I’ll see if I can post it later 🙂
So, that is why Makeup Monday is on a Tuesday this week. I hope you don’t mind! This week I was inspired by a look that was posted on Glamour Magazines blog. But instead of lavender and pink, I went with lavender and taupe.

This what I did: I applied Dovekie (a smokey lavender) along the lower lash line and Narn (a golden taupe) on the eyelid and up in the crease. I used an eyeliner brush to smudge Coal Shute along my upper lash line and on the inside of the lower lash line (the water line). Easy peasy! 🙂


Reply to this post for a chance to win the eyeshadows I used for this look! What colour combo would you use for a similar look? I was also thinking of Dovekie and Best Kind first, or perhaps Come By Chance and Missbehavin’


The winner of a Lip Glaze from the Makeup Monday last week is Renee H! Congrats to you! 🙂


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