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The cutest thing EVA’

There is this blog that I’m following, Grosgrain, written by an amazingly talented (self-thought!) seamstress Kathleen. I always get inspired when I visit her blog. Right now she has 30 Days of free patterns, and I found one that I HAVE to try for Klara! Isn’t it adorable?!

This particular pattern was designed by Kelly at Sewing in No Man’s Land, for the 30 days of free patterns at Grosgrain. The pattern comes with step-by-step instructions, so I think even I should be able to make it! 🙂 Let’s take a look at another one!

Such cuteness!! I can barely take it!

There are lots more on her blog, they are up to pattern 24 now. Stuff for grown-ups too 🙂


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Makeup Tuesday – Nancy Oh!

This week I wanted to share a look from one of my favorite beauty bloggers! Super talented Arienne at used Nancy Oh for a simple, but stunning, smoky eye.

This is Nancy Oh

And this is the result:

Pop on over to GlitterGeek to see the step-by-step 🙂

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Makeup Monday ~ A Beauty in Green

Our Swedish blogging friend Isabelle showed us a how pretty green is. She used Barren, a muted olive green with little specks of gold, and Tuckamore, a green with golden highlights.

Barren ~  Tuckamore

Tuckamore & Barren

She applied Barren all over the eyelid and up to the eyebrow, then she applied to layers of Tuckamore on the eyelid and the inner corner of her eye. Finish of with liquid black eyeliner and a little bit of black (such as Coal Shute) along the lower lash line. Add some mascara and you’re done!

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Eczema on eyelids

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Clare posted a question the other day about how to set up a skincare regimen when you have problems with eczema flaring up on your eyelids.

First off, I would recommend that you use our Cleansing Milk as your cleanser. It is very mild, and you can use it to remove your mascara. Just apply it with cotton ball, that you gently wipe over your eyes.
Keep the rest of your skincare regime simple. Apply cleansing milk and wipe off, with wash cloth or cotton pads. Follow up with the Cucumber Aloe Toner and Light & Airy or Rich & Dreamy, depending on your skintype.
I don’t recommend that you use any products on your eyelids, like the Buddha Eye Cream since you never know how the ingredients will affect your eczema. But there is one exception… the ingredients in Golden Olive Serum is supposed to be very good for eczema, so you could try patting in a drop around your eyes and ever so gently on your eyelids too! This would most likely also protect your sensitive skin on the eyelids from harsh weather, such as extreme cold.

Also, if you want to use eyeshadows, make sure you use mineral eyeshadows! The ingredients in our eyeshadows are basically ground up rock, so it is very inert and will not aggravate any skin conditions.
Good luck Clare! I will send you a coupon code you can use for 15% off skincare products throughout this month as a thank you for posting your question! 🙂

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Facial Skincare without preservatives

Janice asked a question on Facebook that I think more people are interested in, so I will bring it up here in the blog too! 🙂

She wondered if we had any cleansers and moisturizers without preservatives. And while we always use minimal amounts of preservatives (and can do so, since the time between a product being made and put on the shelf is VERY short compared to a lot of big companies), I know that some of you want to cut them out completely. All products that have water in them has to have a preservative, so the clue is to look for products without water!

As a cleanser I would recommend either our Deep Cleansing Oil. We have added an emulsifier to the oils, so while it is oily when you massage it in it will rinse off clean with luke warm to warm water. If you want a little exfoliation you can use a wash cloth with it as well. It works on the system that “like dissolves like”, so it is really good at removing oils and dirt from your skin! Check it out, and read the reviews on our website!

Another product that would work well as a cleanser is our Cucumber & Chamomille powdered face mask. You can blend it with a little bit of water, green tea, milk or yogurt. To use it as a cleanser, massage it into skin and then rinse off. If you want to use it as a mask, apply a thicker layer over skin and leave on for about 10 minutes. The cucumber acts astringent and cooling while the chamomille is soothing and anti-inflammatory. I really like this mask!

As a moisturizer, all you probably ever need is our Golden Olive Serum. It has only has three ingredients, but what ingredients they are! Olive squalane, sea buckthorn oil and geranium essential oil. It will give your skin nutrients, it will hydrate and it will help your skin get balanced and healthy. If you need a little more protection from harsh weather elements, like in winter, you can use our Organic Whipped Shea Soufflés on any dry areas. It is also preservative free, and will give a nice protective layer to your skin.

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Makeup Monday – on a Wednesday

This week we used the two shades from our latest Smink collection: Come By Chance (a pale dusty lavender) and Bon Echo (periwinkle with diamond shimmer).

Come By Chance  ~  Bon Echo

This look was achieved by sweeping Come By Chance all over the lid and under the eye, and Bon Echo along the outer corner, and then blending everything together.

You can find these eyeshadows, and matching products for lips and cheeks  –>HERE<–

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Skincare Month – Laying a good foundation

I got a great question from Caitlyn on our FB page last week. She wrote:

Yay! Skincare Month!
I’m in my mid 20’s and I’m wondering what us youngin’s can start doing for our skin NOW, so that in the next 10, 20 years we can have that enviable skin we all dream about? Most women I know my age are in that awkward ” I still get breakouts in the T-zone, rough cheeks in winter time- and I’m pretty sure those are laugh line wrinkles” phase…What would you suggest to get us on the right path for a lifetime of beautiful skin?

I am a firm believer in TWO things when it comes to skincare. “Less is more” and “Slow and steady wins the race”. Don’t overdo it, and don’t compensate a lackadaisical skincare with spurts of very intense cleaning and scrubbing.  Our skin is amazing in its abilities to regenerate, heal itself and protect us. We should just help it, not work against it.

So, first off! Choose a cleanser you like. We have three different types, and they all work for most skin types (except I wouldn’t use the Foaming Cleansing Gel on very dry skin). If you like something creamy and mild, choose our Cleansing Milk with Geranium. If you want to have a “spa” feeling every night, do what is very popular in Asia and try the Deep Cleansing Oil (it dissolves dirt and oil and rinses off clean). Or if you like the feel of soap and water on your skin, try the Foaming Cleansing Gel.

Follow up with a toner. This step is not necessary, but it’s nice and it is beneficial for your skin. The most popular toner, and great for keeping breakouts and bay, is our Raspberry Exfoliating Toner. The alpha hydroxy acids remove dead skin cells and the salicylic acid exfoliates inside the pores to prevent breakouts.

Now a basic moisturizer that will keep your skin soft and supple, without clogging any pores and causing breakouts. I would suggest Light & Airy. It is completely unscented, and it’s made with jojoba oil, rosehip oil, a little bit of shea butter and some sweet almond oil. Rose hip oil is extremely rich in vitamin C, as well as linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid), giving it remarkable restorative properties. Jojoba oil is very similar to the natural sebum in our skin, and it is exceptional in restoring elasticity and smoothness. Good stuff to put in your skin in other words!

The secret weapon in your skincare kit should be our Golden Olive Serum. I know I keep repeating myself, but it really is that good. A couple of drops is all you need, so a bottle will last you forever. And the way it builds up your skin to make it healthier and more “robust” it is a product that you want to start using now and never stop 🙂

Another thing that is very important is sunscreen! We don’t have a cream with sunscreen yet (look out for “An Apple a Day”, coming soon to a TVAL shop close to you :), but our mineral foundation works great as a sunscreen too! It contains lots of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of them are trusted physical sun blockers. I was out in the sun earlier this spring and burnt my neck pretty bad, but my face was not a bit red thanks to the foundation! I should have taken a picture! It looked ridiculous!

I hope this tips helped you Caitlyn! Please let me know if you have any other questions! We’d love to hear how you are doing with it! And as a thank you for sending in your question, and a help to get the products you need, I will send you a message with a code you can use to get 15% off any skincare purchases during the month of June!

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