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Product spotlight and review – Sooky Lip Gloss

This is a new weekly feature here on our blog! I will pick a review that has been posted during the week and share it here. The author of the review I pick gets $15 in points to spend either online or in the shop, and the featured product gets to bask in the spotlight for a little while :)

This week the winning review was from Gracie, who wrote the following about our Sooky Lip Gloss


I bought Sooky and its the first of this line of lip glosses that I’ve bought. Its a cute color that can have different looks depending on how much is applied. It gives a soft pink look with only a light layer and a more evening look with a heavier layer. I also really like the applicator – keeps the fingers clean!


Gracie, if you read this would you please email me so I can give you your points? I have searched through our customers to find a match, but no luck 😦

You can find the Lip Glosses  {HERE}.  And don’t forget to post your own reviews for a chance to win!

Until next time,


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