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Christmas decorating

We are probably the last shop in town to decorate for Christmas, but it just feels ridiculous to bring out the Holiday stuff the day after Halloween… We’d all be sick of Christmas by early December if we did! 🙂

But today we assembled our tree and started decorating. Since we have a scent called “Snöflinga” (=Snowflake) we (and by we I mean Fiona, Andrea and Annette!) cut out snowflakes in tissue paper to decorate our window and one wall. The tree we got from a gorgeous shop two doors down from us called Urban Home (I love it when I can support a small local business instead of going to a big box store!).

Here we have Fiona and Andrea working with the snowflakes and some giant gift boxes for our window
And here is Bobby admiring the progress. Check back tomorrow for the rest! 🙂

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Bio bags!

We got our new shopping bags today! They look like the old ones, but these are bio-degradable! Yay! 🙂

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I thought I would take a little break in adding the Christmas Collection to the website and show you some pictures of the shop! 🙂

We are located on Water Street in downtown St. John’s. This is the oldest street in one of the oldest towns in North America. That is one of the things I love about St. John’s… you can really *feel* the history here. It’s easy imagining what this street looked like one hundred or even two-three hundred years ago. When we signed the lease to rent this building we got permission to paint it (it was in desperate need to be painted!), and of course we decided to paint it brown and blue!

Here we have Fiona, Andrea and Bobby posing for the camera 🙂 Fiona and Andrea started working with us in June and we love them dearly!

And here we can see Fiona making bath treats in our “manufacturing room”. In the area to the left (that you can’t really see) we have a large table where we pack your orders and label products. And behind me there is a third room that where we have our office and makeup production. We love our new shop! 🙂

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Wood nymphs

If you were a fan of Napeaea this will be good news! These were just unmolded: I myself *adore* this mossy enchanting scent so I made a batch of soaps in it earlier this week, and we are also making more wax melts in the same scent! Look for them on the website in about a week! 🙂

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New makeup!

Since Fiona and Andrea started working here we have a little more time to develop new products, and Bobby started making new colors for a winter line of makeup! We have 4 eyeshadows and 2 lip glosses so we only need to work on a new blush or two and maybe a few more shadows and we should be all set!

The purple shade has a brown base to “ground” it a little, and turquoise highlights for general fabulousness. It’s gorgeous!! The pink is sooo pretty, it is a dusty pale pink with slight coral notes and a little bit of golden shimmer. Pretty as a blush too! The beige is a perfect neutral highlight that you can use under the eye brow or on the inner corner of your eyes to really make them sparkle! The brown is probably my favorite… it’s so rich and decadent, with coppery highlights.

On my eyes I’m wearing the pink all over my lids, the outer corner are shaded with the brown and I used a wet brush to apply the the purple shade as an eyeliner.

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Welcome to Tvål’s blog! We have a lot of fun here in the shop, and I thought I’d share it with you all! The idea for the blog started when I took pictures of these amazing jack o’ lanterns that Fiona made, and I thought I should post it somewhere for all our customers to see. And a lot of you have asked to see pictures of the shop, so hence the idea to start our own little blog! 🙂

So here you can see Fiona and her TVÅL pumpkin and in the background is Andrea making products!

We have started making our Christmas products, and yesterday I made a batch of Candy Cane soap. The leftovers that couldn’t fit in the loaves I made into little cupcakes 🙂

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