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Cleansers – how to choose

The cleanser is the first step in your skincare regime, and choosing the right one for you is not that hard. We have four cleansers:

Cleansing Milk with Geranium
Deep Cleansing Oil with Mandarin and Cedar
Cleansing Gel with Cucumber and Rhubarb
Men’s Cleansing Gel

When people ask me which one to choose, I usually tell them that it’s up to personal preference. All skin types can use all cleansers, except perhaps the most dry skin types that should stay away from foaming cleansers. So here is how to choose the one for you!

Cleansing Gel with Cucumber & Rhubarb
This is a foaming cleanser that you use with water, so if you like the “soap and water” feel on your skin, this is the one for you. The cucumber extract makes the cleanser a bit cooling as well.



Cleansing Milk with Geranium
This is our best seller, and it suits everyone. It is extremely mild, and it also works well to remove eye makeup. Just massage it in on dry skin and then you can wipe it off or rinse it off. My favorite way is to wipe it off with a damp warm wash cloth (baby wash cloths are great!), but if you have very dry skin you can just wipe it off with a tissue. If you live somewhere where it gets very cold and dry in the winter, I would suggest the “tissue it off” strategy since water can make your skin feel dry and tight.


Deep Cleansing Oil with Mandarin and Cedar
Oil cleansing is much more common in Asia, and it’s not as strange as it may seem… 🙂 It is based on the idea that “like dissolves like”, so it is actually really good at removing oil and debris and since we have added an emulsifier it will rinse off without leaving an oily film on your skin. Just massage in a small amount into dry skin, wring out a wash cloth in warm water and wipe off the cleanser. Or you can just rinse it off if you prefer but use warm water to activate the emulsifier, otherwise you may not get left with oil on your skin. The scent of mandarin and cedar is sooo relaxing, and your skin will feel clean and soft.


Men’s Cleansing Gel
This is a foaming cleanser, just like the Cleansing Gel with Cucumber & Rhubarb, but with essential ois of peppermint and tea-tree. It is very refreshing, and the anti-bacterial properties are great for skin types that tend to break out. I love using this cleanser when it is really hot and humid!

As you can see, you can choose almost any of the cleansers. Listen to your skin and it will tell you what it needs. In winter you may need something milder, like the Cleansing Milk or the Deep Cleansing Oil. In summer you may need a more thorough cleanser, like the Men’s Cleansing Gel with peppermint and tea-tree or the cooling Cleansing Gel with Cucumber & Rhubarb. Some people like the use the foaming cleanser in the morning shower and the Cleansing Milk at night. So it is really just up to you and what your skin needs. Try ordering the samples, or travel sizes, the first time and you will quickly find your favorite!

Tomorrow I will share some ideas on how to spruce up your cleansing routine. Sometimes we need a bit more pampering or just plain fun! 🙂

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Skincare Tip o’ the week

We have FINALLY gotten some warm weather here on the Avalon penninsula. Holy cow what a month June was! (Weather wise at least… ) It was raining almost every day, hardly a day with double digits (celsius) and we had 3 weeks of fog! Anyway, I digress… we have had a couple of nice days and with the warm weather I find that I need to tweak my skincare routin a little bit.

I have mixed skin, normal on cheeks and a tendency to be oily in the t-zone, and when the weather gets warmer my skin gets oilier. If you have a similar problem, here are two things you can try!

1. Blend your Cleansing Milk with Cucumber & Chamomile powdered face mask, OR use only the mask as your cleanser. I apply it and leave it on while brushing my teeth, that’s enough. The clay gently draws out any impurities and extra oil, without stripping your skin, and the cucumber is nice and cool on your skin.

2. “Borrow” your man’s cleanser, Tval for Men Face Wash with peppermint and tea tree. The essential oils in this gentle foaming cleanser is so refreshing on a hot summer night. This cleanser is foaming, but it’s gentle enough to for all skin types.

You can find the products mentioned in this post here, in one convenient location.

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

The Fabulous Friday deal this week is on all things green, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little extra! 🙂 So we have marked down all green products on our site with 20%! But they are scattered throughout the site, so you have to hunt them down! 😉

I thought I should highlight the winning review that I pick out every week. Every friday I select a review from the ones posted during the week, and that person gets 150 points added to their account (worth $15 in products). This week it was a review from Robyn H on our Sweet Cream Whipped Sugar, and here is what she wrote about it:

Okay, let me just put it out there that I’ve used about a million different scrubs. This one stands out in my mind as one that is different from the ones you get from other etailers for two reasons:

1) this particular scent is beautiful, clean, and light and I’ve never found anything quite like it elsewhere and 2) This is a very nice scrubby scrub that gently moisturizes by actually turning into a lotion (again, I’ve seen only one other scrub that did this and it was much more expensive than this) rather than just leaving a greasy film on your skin (this scrub most certainly does not do that).

Once its rinsed off, it is gone and your skin is left feeling softer and lightly moisturized but not even remotely close to greasy. It’s very difficult to describe, really, and if you like scrubs I’d recommend you try one. I think this is one that most people will like.

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Makeup Monday

While reading my favorite fashion blog (Keiko Lynn) over the weekend, I got the idea of Makeup Mondays. Keiko is amazingly talented and take beautiful pictures. Me, not so much! But nevertheless, I wanted to share some makeup ideas with you on a regular basis so why not Makeup Mondays?! 🙂

Today I wanted a natural makeup that would enhance the green in my eyes.

So here I am with the makeup on. As a foundation I took a pinch of N1 and blended it in a little blob of oil-free lotion. On my lips I am wearing our lipstick in the colour CFA (bonus points if you know what it stands for! :)) and a little bit of a new lip glaze in a colour called Pink Snowflake. These, and more, will all be added to our website this week.

Very natural as you can see. You can hardly see it. I will try to be a little more adventurous in the future! 🙂




And now for a closer look at the eye:

I used Right On eyeshadow as a base. It is a light peach that will just even out the skin tone and make the shadows last longer.


Then I applied Dovekie, a shimmery purple/gray, with a dry brush all over the lid and up in the crease and lightly under the eye.



Now I took the slanted eyeliner brush, dipped it in a drop of water and applied Partridgeberry along the lash line. Partridgeberry is a deep cranberry and the red in this shadow really brings out the green in your eyes (if there is any green there to begin with of course! :))

These were the brushes I used:

Crease BrushThe crease brush. Perfect for applying eyeshadow in the crease and for general shading and blending.

Eyeliner brushThe eyeliner brush. The slanted tip makes application a breeze!

Oh, and did you know that the protective sleeve the makeup brush comes in is made out of corn starch? It is 100% biodegradable so you can just put it in your compost!

I hope you enjoyed the first Makeup Monday! If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know! 🙂

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Boxing Day Sale!

Boxing Day Sale!!

This week we have an in-store only Boxing Day Sale (the online sale will start on New Years Eve, so you can start plotting your orders now). It’s our popular “Choose your own sale” Sale 🙂

Spend $1-20 and get 5% off your purchase
Spend $21-40 and get 10% off
Spend $41-60 and get 15% off
Spend $61-up and get 20% off
If you spend $80 or more you also get to pick a free lip balm!

So stop by the store and stock up! 🙂
No rain checks and valid until we close at 3PM on New Years Eve.

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Fabulous Friday – Cleansing Milk with Geranium

The Cleansing Milk is my most favorite skincare product, it’s the Earl Gray of my routine… the one I always go back to and the one I never get tired of. It is thick, creamy, non-oily and so so mild. Many cleansers sting my eyes, or you feel that you have to rinse and rinse and you still have a sticky feeling on your skin. But not with the Cleansing Milk! It is also perfect for removing eye makeup, especially since it’s so thick (it will not seep into your eyes). How you remove the Cleansing Milk is up to you: You can just wipe it off with a tissue, you can rinse it off, or you can use a face cloth.

And let me share my favorite way to use it:
I fill my sink with warm water and a couple of drops of our Pure Balance essential oil blend, I dip a face cloth in the water, wring it out and put over my face for 30 seconds or so to open the pores and prepare my skin for cleansing. Then I massage in the cleansing milk, wring out the face cloth in the warm water again and wipe of the cleanser. I really like this routine! It’s like having a cup of warm milk before bed, very relaxing 🙂

If you want to try (or stock up on) our Cleansing Milk, this is the time to do it! This weekend you will get 25% off, and there is no limit to how many you can purchase!

If you have a favourite product you want to share with the rest of our Tvål family, email me a little write up about it (why you like it, how you use it, etc). If I choose your write up for a Fabulous Friday newsletter, I will send you a $30 gift certificate to use online or in one of our shops. Send your letter to:

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Fabulous Friday – Cucumber Chamomile Face Mask

This face mask is my new favorite, so soothing while still giving you a nice deep clean. It is made with French green clay that will draw out any impurities, cucumber extract that will cool and tone your skin and chamomille extract that will heal inflammatories. So if you have tendencies to break-out, like I do, this is the bee’s knees!

My favorite way of using the mask is to blend a half teaspoon full with a couple of pumps of the cleansing milk. I massage it in and leave it on while brushing my teeth. Perfect when you don’t have a lot of time! You can also blend it with water, green tea, yogurt or whatever inspires you at the moment! The liquid you choose will also add benefits to the mask, so go ahead.. Be a mad scientist! You may very well discover something that works wonders for your skin! 🙂

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