Toners, what are they for?

January 17, 2012 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

Yikes! I missed a whole week of posting. I am so sorry about that! A teething 2-year old makes for very little sleep for her mama, and that makes for a very foggy brain on said mama. It is so hard to formulate whole sentences when you don’t get any sleep, don’t you find? Anyways, I will just stretch out the skincare month into February instead! 🙂

Today I wanted to talk about toners, and what they are good for! When I moved to Canada I realized that toners are more common in Europe than they are in North America. Toners are not a necessary step in your skincare regimen, but they are a nice treat and they will have added benefits for your skin. A toner will remove any traces of cleanser, refresh and prepare your skin for the next step (serum and/or moisturizer). Your skin will be slightly damp from the toner, and that will help spread out the serum or cream and make it sink into your skin easier.

Depending on the toner you choose you will get other benefits too of course! The Cucumber Aloe Toner is mild, soothing, hydrating and cooling. Perfect for sensitive skin, but is also suitable for all skin types. I love to keep mine in the fridge and mist over my face in summer when it’s hot and humid. The Raspberry Exfoliating Toner is made with both salicylic and glycolic acid, two exfoliants that will keep your skin clear and glowing.

Toners are also good for lazy people like me. Many times I realize way too late that it’s time to go to bed, and the last thing I want to do then is to start washing my face. But a little toner on a cotton pad is super quick and gets rid of most of the dirt before my face hit the pillow.
Let me know if you have any questions about toners! You can post them here or email them to anna AT

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