Happy New Year!

January 1, 2012 at 1:39 pm Leave a comment

Even though I feel just like John Mann when he wrote Another Happy New Year…

A shitty bottle of champagne, a paper party crown
My breasts all set to bust out of this Cinderella gown
It’s an artificial deadline to turn my life around
It’s another happy new year

…It also feels good to have this new blank page, even though it IS an artificial deadline (I always think of fall as the true New Year, when the summer holidays are over and when we get back into a routine again). So, with this blank new page in front of us I wanted to make January 2012 a TVAL Skincare Month. We will share tips, make personalized routines and show you have to get a good, simple and effective skincare routine in place.

First off I want to share the philosophy behind our skincare products. You see, I had really bad acne from when I was about 15 years old and almost into my thirties. I tried everything, all sorts of products, went to a dermatologist and I read tons and tons of books on the subject. Finally I found one brand that worked for me, Sage Skincare. They had only very effective ingredients and cut out all the crap. The packaging was no fuzz, they relied solely on the effectiveness of their products. I admired this tremendously and I still do. I also got a lot of good advice from reading Paula Begoun’s books (Cosmetic Cop). Having a scientific background helped too when it came to determining what ingredients to choose and what is just plain bogus. There is so much of that, and it makes me so MAD that there are companies that put useless stuff in products and then make up some elaborate fairytale backed up by pretty jars and expensive super models. Grrrrrr….

When it comes to skincare, this is what we believe in:

Less is more
Consistency is key
Treat your skin gently

I know all to well that when you have acne you want to fix it NOW, and it’s easy to think that harsh, drying products will help dry up the zits. And they do. For about a week. Then your skin freak outs from the harsh treatment and compensates by producing more oil. This starts a vicious cycle, with skin that break outs more than ever, still very oily but dry on the surface.

So let’s start a gentle, simple skincare regimen together this month. Something you can keep for life. With time you will learn to listen to your skin and tweak your routine so it suits your skin perfectly (so many things affect your skin.. weather, stress, diet, age).

Tomorrow I will talk more about cleansing and how to choose the product that works best for YOU. Are you with me?! 🙂

PS. Email me at anna@tvalskincare.com if you want a personalized skincare routine! I will post my reply on the blog, and hopefully this can help someone else too. You will get a discount code to use, as a Thank You for taking the time to write.

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