Makeup Monday – Go goth this Halloween

October 17, 2011 at 5:42 pm Leave a comment

Happy Monday to one and all! This week Bobby got inspired by all the Halloween decorations and decided to go for an edgy look. A bit goth. Something to try for the Halloween party perhaps, or maybe when you dish out candy to the visiting trick or treaters? Take it away Bobby!

I first lined her eye top and bottom with Black Ice. I used a dry application with an angle brush at first, to create a smudgy line. You can create a very thick line on the bottom. In other words you can go down further under the eye than you may think!. Next I used the same brush again with Black Ice, but this time I dampened the brush with a bit of Miss Fix It sprayed on the back of my hand to get a wet application. The wet application is stronger and sharper of course, so on the bottom I made a finer, thinner line with this, underneath the lower lashes and as close to the rim of the eye as possible. On the top of the eye, I just went for it with a nice thick line (Lauren, our model has very big eyes and generous space on her lids, so her eyes can handle plenty of liner). I always make the top and bottom liner gradually thinner as you go towards the inner corners, and thicker and extended slightly on the outer corners.
Next I used Red Tea Box all over her eyelid, blended into the edges of the Black Ice Liner. I also used it unto her crease and faded it out towards the brow. Applying a color all over the eye like that is called ‘color washing’. I also used Red Tea Box underneath the eye, again blended into the edges of the Black Ice eyeliner. So, the red goes all the way around her eye! There are a million makeup myths out there, and one of them is that people with blue eyes shouldn’t wear red eyeshadow because it can make them look tired. That is only true if you use red by itself! If you ‘ground’ the color with black or dark brown, or charcoal grey eyeliner, you completely neutralize the problem. In fact, in Lauren’s case, the warm tomato orange tones in Red Tea Box contrast beautifully with her blue eyes, making them really stand out! This makes sense since blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel.
Next I contoured Lauren’s cheeks with Lamanche blush. Lauren has a neutral skin tone so the blush didn’t give much color, just added a ‘shadow’ effect, making her cheeks look more sculpted. Lamanche is still good for more golden skin tones (a G2 for example) but it will look a little bit warmer on these skins. In other words it will look more ‘bronzey’. I don’t think that is a word.
Finally, I finished the look with a light application of Black Currant Lip Glaze on Lauren’s lips. In real life the color looked darker and much more purplish plum, more ‘goth’ in my opinion. On film it looks quite red! Sometimes colors look, or ‘read’ very different on film from how they look in real life. But the color still looks great, on film and in real life! And that was the whole look! Gothy and edgy, but still pretty!
And as always, you can pick up all the products we used in this look {HERE}

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