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Fabulous Friday – Pure Wisdom

Happy Friday! For Fabulous Friday this week I have chosen a product I have been using daily for the past couple of weeks: Incantation Pure Wisdom




I love Pure Wisdom because you can use it so many different ways. A couple of drops in your cleanser, in your face mask, a drop in your moisturizer, 2-3 drops in the sink in hot water (as a steam bath or to wring out your wash cloth in) or directly on your wash cloth. And I also love it because it smells so good… The blend is composed of the following essential oils:

Rose geranium – Astringent and also an anti-depressant
Lavender – Healing and restorative
Rosewood – Calming, antiseptic and restores elasticity
Rose – Calming, healing and relieves stress

My favorite way to use it at the moment is like Kathy B suggests in the review she wrote, with the Deep Cleansing Oil. I just add a drop to about a teaspoon of Cleansing Oil, rub my palms together and first put them over my nose to inhale the aroma. Then I massage it into my skin, and finally wipe it off with a wash cloth.

Erica, our manager, told me a little while ago that she blended the Cucumber Aloe Face Mask with the Cleansing Milk and a drop of Pure Wisdom. It sounds like a piece of heaven to me! I think I will try that tonight! 🙂

If you want to try the Pure Wisdom (or stock up if it’s already a favorite), this is the time to do it! This weekend you will get 25% off! Find it here.

If you have a favourite product you want to share with the rest of our Tvål family, email me a little write up about it (why you like it, how you use it, etc). If I choose your write up for a Fabulous Friday newsletter, I will send you a $30 gift certificate to use online or in one of our shops. Send your letter to:

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