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Winged eyeliner

Earlier this week Marsha mentioned, in a comment, that she finds it tricky to apply an eyeliner with a flick like the one my talented cousin had done in the Makeup Monday tutorial. I find this very hard too, and decided to see if I could find a good tutorial on how to do it! I love the look of a winged eyeliner, mascara and not much more. It’s very Mad Men, isn’t it?!
I found a great video tutorial at Faces by Amy, and it has a great trick to it!! She uses a post-it as a guide for the line, and it works remarkably well! Click here to see the video.

So of course I had to try it while Klara was napping today! I added a post-it to the corner of my eye, lining it up between the corner of the eye and the end of the eyebrow. Like so:

Then I picked up my angled eyeliner brush, sprayed it with Miss Fix-It and dipped it in “Coal Shute” eyeshadow (a matte black). I started at the middle of the upper lash line and dotted my way out to the outer corner. Then I followed the post-it about half way up. After that I filled in the area between the end of the eyeliner and the outer corner of my eye, making a triangle almost (I had a little bit of a curve to the line). This will make a lot more sense if you look at the video, but I have tried to illustrate it in photoshop:

And then I finished the liner by going along the lash line from the middle of the eye to the inner corner. Take off the post-it (important step! Otherwise you look a little foolish!) and you’re done! It took me, a makeup illiterate, not even a minute to do one eye. I love it!! Now I can channel my inner Joan as often as I wish!

Next time I’m going to make it even longer! Once the post-it is gone, it looks a lot less “dramatic”. Try it and let me know how it worked for you! 🙂

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