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Resurface challenge – Follow up

So how did you do with the challenge? I fell off the Resurface wagon five days into the challenge. My dearest cat, Rasmus, got very sick and I had to tend to him every two hours during daytime. Add a 10 month old little girl to that and there was hardly time to brush my teeth. A week later Rasmus passed away, so I have not been in the mood to do much anything but mope around and miss him (I really miss him!!!). This is also the reason there was no Fabulous Friday last week, because it was not a fabulous day at all!

But I did notice after day five that I got one spot on my chin, which I think was impurities trying to get out, so I just dabbed on a little bit of Cucumber chamomile face mask and left it over night. Two days after it was gone.

Well, I hope you did better than I did! I will pick it up again when I am feeling better. I did however discover another trick, and that will be the Skincare Tip o’ the Week this week! If you keep our Cucumber & Aloe Toner in the fridge it will feel amazingly cool and refreshing on a face that has cried a lot. Even better is to pour it over two cotton pads, press out any excess, lay over eyes and lay down and rest for 10 minutes or so. Much less puffy!


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