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Fabulous Friday: Resurface

We have a new feature here at Tvål, called Fabulous Friday. I will write about a product I find particularly fabulous, and if you get inspired and want to try it, you will get a great discount on it from Friday throughout Sunday!
The first product to be featured is Resurface. This product is a face scrub and we worked for a long time to get this product just right! Bobby loves scrubby products and he had tried many! He was very particular with what he wanted, and I were too since I’ve always had problem skin with lots of breakouts. What we both wanted was, of course, the best face scrub in the world! Jojoba beads are gentle, but they usually just roll around on your skin and don’t do a lot of scrubbing. Nuts and shells are irregular with sharp corners that can cause micro scratches on your skin, and this will usually result in inflammation and consequently breakouts. Baking soda was the answer! With these fine crystals we could get a very dense and effective scrub that was still mild and natural.
Resurface is more effective than you think at first, so our tip is always to be very careful the first time you try it. Wet your skin first, take a pea size of the product and spread it evenly between your finger tips. Gently polish your skin, and pay extra attention around areas prone to blackheads or breakouts. We usually recommend this product once or twice a week, but I know many of our customers are using this daily and they love it. So listen to your skin and use it whenever you need it.
If you purchase Resurface this weekend you will get a 25% discount. One jar per customer.
If you have a favourite product you want to share with the rest of our Tvål family, email me a little write up about it (why you like it, how you use it, etc). If I choose your write up for a Fabulous Friday newsletter, I will send you a $30 gift certificate to use online or in one of our shops.

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