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Midsummer’s Eve part 2


The pole was erected without any disasters. That’s always nice :) Then there was dancing, and lots of people! Klara had so much fun, and so did we. I love that grown ups don’t mind being silly, but dance and jump just like their kids do! Now we are off to my Dad’s for some food and cake.





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Midsummer’s Eve

I promised I would keep you updated on our Swedish midsummer celebration. Right now we are picnicking in Medevi, and in one hour they will erect the midsummer pole (the big flag pole dressed in flowers that you can see in the clearing behind us). More to follow :)





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Midsummer’s Eve

Tomorrow is June 21st, the summer solstice. The longest day of the year. It is always celebrated here in Sweden as “Midsummer”. The Friday closest to summer solstice is Midsummer’s Eve and it’s one of my favorite holidays. We pick flowers and make wreaths to wear in our hair, we dance around the midsummer pole, have picnic and sit outside enjoying the very very long day. In most parts of Sweden the sun hardly sets at all, we just get a bit of dusk and then the sun rises again. I love it!

To celebrate midsummer with you all we are going to have a sale starting tomorrow and running through the weekend: 30% off all floral scented products (pure florals and blends) and all orders/purchases gets a free sample of Forget Me Not eyeshadow. Flowers galore!

I will also update the blog tomorrow when we celebrate midsummer in Medevi (if my phone will cooperate), so it will *almost* feel like you are there with us!

Happy Midsummer!


PS. The pictures below are from the Midsummer in 2010, also in Medevi.


Summer 2010 181 Summer 2010 179 Summer 2010 168 Summer 2010 160 Summer 2010 154 Summer 2010 152 Summer 2010 150


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Garden Beauty – Stinging Nettles

This summer I thought I’d share some tips for harvesting ingredients for easy handmade beauty products, right in your back yard. Stinging nettles are not my favorite plants when it comes to gardening (last summer it took Klara many painful reminders, but now she can spot a stinging nettle from accross the garden!), but from a beauty point of view they are phenomenal! Nettles are cleaning and healing when it comes to skincare. They contain antihistamins and sulphur, and that make them great for excema and scalp problems. Stinging nettles reduce oil production in your skin as well, so they are excellent for oily skin.

Put on your garden gloves and pick the leaves off stinging nettles. If you don’t have them your back yard, you can find them in any open fields and meadows. They are very prolific :)


Make sure the leaves are clean from bugs and dirt and put them in a bowl. Pour boiling water over them, cover and let stand for at least 24 hours. Drain the leaves and pour the nettle water into a bowl, jug or bottle. Keep in the fridge.


You can use the nettle water as a toner, you can use it to rinse your hair or you can make this face mask/cleanser:

In a bowl, mix 2 tbsp nettle water, 1 tbsp whipping cream and 4 tbsp almond flour. Mix and let sit in the fridge for a little while to thicken. You can also add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil (I added 2 drops of lavender… my absolute favorite!). Use this as a mask or cleanser (just massage into skin, and either leave on as a mask or rinse off as a cleanser) , keep it in the fridge and use up within a week.

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What to do with all that rhubarb?

So here I am, a million years after the latest blog post. You see, this was a “behind the scenes blog” and now I wasn’t really behind the scenes anymore. At least not in the day-to-day sense. And I felt that I couldn’t really contribute with any fun anecdotes from the shop. But when Bobby and I talked about the blog the other day we came to the conclusion that I could still write, but it would probably be more about my work here in Sweden (I’m making products for, and also about me and my life over here. Bobby thought that some people could find it interesting since a lot of you know me pretty well after all these years 😊

Hopefully we will also get some posts from the shop as well, when they get a second over. They’re pretty busy bees over there!

So right now I’m doing taxes, and that’s so boring that I would fall asleep if I tried to write a post about that! So let me show you what I did besides that! Our rhubarbs are growing and growing, and I’m doing my darnedest to use them up this year. A couple of days ago I made Rhubarb BBQ Sauce

You can download the cute labels on the jars here. I love them!
And yesterday I started a Rhubarb Lavender Jam. It was supposed to sit overnight and then cook today. It was yum!! Jason is baking bread right now, so I’m just waiting for him to be finished and I’ll dig into toast with jam. I would die if I had to live on a low carb diet 😬


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Product spotlight and review – Sooky Lip Gloss

This is a new weekly feature here on our blog! I will pick a review that has been posted during the week and share it here. The author of the review I pick gets $15 in points to spend either online or in the shop, and the featured product gets to bask in the spotlight for a little while :)

This week the winning review was from Gracie, who wrote the following about our Sooky Lip Gloss


I bought Sooky and its the first of this line of lip glosses that I’ve bought. Its a cute color that can have different looks depending on how much is applied. It gives a soft pink look with only a light layer and a more evening look with a heavier layer. I also really like the applicator – keeps the fingers clean!


Gracie, if you read this would you please email me so I can give you your points? I have searched through our customers to find a match, but no luck :(

You can find the Lip Glosses  {HERE}.  And don’t forget to post your own reviews for a chance to win!

Until next time,

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Here are some pictures from our birthday party. Lauren and Lesley baked some delicious goodies, and there were snacks and drinks and lots of great deals. Fun times were had by all!









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Fabulous Friday – Our WHOLE line of unscented products! Yay!

It’s Fabulous Friday again (the weeks fly by, don’t they?!) This time I wanted to share our whole line of unscented products (we call the line CLEAN), because I finally got around to add them all in one convenient place on our website. Hurray! Below you can see a picture of the Body Butter in that line.

Le me introduce a line of products without any scent what so ever, for all you sensitive souls out the (and for you who have found your favorite perfume and doesn’t want anything to clash with it). Choose from Skin Smoothie, Whipped Sugar Body Scrub, Body Butter, Bar Soap, Solid Shampoo, Solid Conditioner, Hair Mask, Liquid Hand Soap, Nail Butter and Lip Balm. That should keep you smooth, and scent free, from top to toe! :)

You will find some of these unscented products through out our site, but we have collected them all {HERE} for your convenience.

As you can tell, I think all these products are quite fabulous and this weekend you can get them ALL for 25% off their regular price. Yay!

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Join our birthday party!

On Thursday February 23rd, our shop in St. John’s will celebrate its 8th anniversary! This has to be celebrated of course! :)
First of all, we have put together a giant gift basket (worth over $200!) and any purchase between Friday the 17th and Thursday the 23rd will give you one entry to win it! We have filled it with all our favorite products, so this is a really nice basket to get your paws on!
Starting tomorrow, February 17th, we will have great sales online. First a great Fabulous Friday, and then a new special every day between Monday and Thursday.
On our actual birthday (February 23rd) we will celebrate all day! During the day time we will have all the specials we had online during the past week, all at once! We will demonstrate our makeup collection and Pure Naturals line, and when you make a purchase we let you draw a ticket that will give you between 10% and 50% off your entire purchase!

We will close the shop to the public at 5 PM, and that’s when the big party starts! We will serve cocktails, snacks, have more demonstrations, extra specials, draw the winner of our $200 gift basket and every guest will receive a gift bag filled with goodies and a gift certificate! This is by invitation only, so you are hereby cordially invited! :)

Date: Thursday, February 23rd
Time: 5-8 PM
Place: The shop in St. John’s (280 Water Street)
Please RSVP to this email address.
Since we can’t fit hundreds of people into the shop, there is a limit to how many we can have on our guest list. When our guest list is filled, I will keep adding people to a reserve list so if we get any cancellations we can fill up the guest list!
Hope to see you there!

Kind regards from us all at the St. John’s Shop

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Product spotlight and review – Pineapple Cream Parfait Skin Smoothie

This is a new weekly feature here on our blog! I will pick a review that has been posted during the week and share it here. The author of the review I pick gets $15 in points to spend either online or in the shop, and the featured product gets to bask in the spotlight for a little while :)

This week the winning review was from Diane, who wrote the following about our Pineapple Cream Parfait Skin Smoothie (phew! is that the longest product name in the history of beauty products?!)

Wonderful lotion for the summer time. Smells fruity like pineapple but with a nice coconut scent. Smell like an exotic drink. Moisturizes perfectly and leaves a nice scent on the skin without being overpowering.


Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review Diane!

You can find the Pineapple Smoothie  {HERE}.  And don’t forget to post your own reviews for a chance to win!

Until next time,

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